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Traffic Management & Access Control

A range of traffic management & access control products for carparks and roadways.

75mm Speed Bump Bundles
New Free
Our speed bumps are sold in bundles and come complete with end caps and fixings needed for the installation. Our 75mm speed bump height is recommended when speed must be restricted to 5 MPH. Sold in lengths from one metre (one centre and two end sections)alternate Yellow and Black sections .Centre s..
Economy Winged Parking Barrier w/ Padlock Hoop
New Free
The SB.28W is manufactured with wings to alleviate parking between posts. The padlock facility is located at the bottom of the post (padlock not supplied) enabling users to lock in the up position. Once the padlock is removed the lightweight post is easily lowered to allow access, perfect for securi..
Guardian Automatic Barrier
New Free
The SB.100/S is designed to interface with the wide variety of control equipment available in today's parking and access control environments, from the wide range of card readers, security switches and codes locks to the ticket dispensers, coin and token acceptors, inductive vehicle detectors, infra..
Guardian Double Leaf Barrier
New Free
Our heavy duty, double leaf gate is the perfect solution for controlling vehicle access to your property. ..
Guardian Hoop Barrier
New Free
Help secure site perimeters and provide a permanent obstacle to vehicle access or mark boundaries..
Guardian Kerb Stop
New Free
Our heavy duty wheel stop can be used for a variety of purposes. Most commonly as a guide for parking bays, but you may also find them in and around warehouses to protect racking and machinery.    ..
Guardian Manual Arm Raise Barrier
New Free
The Guardian Manual Arm Raise Barrier provides a low maintenance, cost-effective way of manually controlling access to unauthorised areas on a permanent or temporary basis. Durable and hard-working, this manual raise arm barrier has been manufactured for the last 32 years and compromises a robust an..
Guardian Nudge Bar
New Free
Our Guardian Nudge Barheight restriction Bar is the perfect solution for warning vehicles of height restrictions ahead. Suitable for car parks, construction sites, warehouses or anywhere that requires restricted access.Manufactured from a 76mm Dia Aluminium and available from 2m to 6m widths (Half s..
Guardian Single Leaf Access Gate
New Free
Robust and durable gate suitable for access control in areas such as car parks, entrances and exits...
Heavy Duty Winged Parking Barrier w/ Integral Lock System
New Free
Our heavy duty SB.2I Parking Barrier offers savings where UNIT cost is all important; it as a integral lock facility (comes complete with two spare keys) and is slightly heavier to operate than our SB.11 range..
Hi Vis Security Bollard
New Free
Heavy duty and hi visibility,  this bollard can be used to protect buildings, around loading bays or similar areas. ..
Pedestrian Street Bollard
New Free
Pedestrian Street Bollard manufactured from 76mm Diameter Steel, suitable for protecting pedestrian areas and pathways or anywhere similar..
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