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"Write-Your-Own" Height Restriction Signs

We now stock Height Restriction Signs that are used in conjunction with our GS6 Guardian Goalposts Kits.

Our High-visibility, reflective aluminium signs are used with our GS6 Guardian Goalposts Kits in order to provide a clear warning height to drivers and plant operators. 

  The box at the bottom of the sign allows you to write your own specified height restriction, and can be easily cleaned and re-used when the height limit changes.  

The sign is coated in a reflective material that will create a highly visible warning when operating in the night-time.   

This is something that has been created before, however the limit is usually a set height limit; with our signs they can be re-written and re-used time and time again when the height limit varies over different areas in the construction site.

The sign is intended to work as an additional prevention method for damages and visible warning sign for drivers and plant operators to further highlight the sites height limit when moving through the gateway

For more information on this product; visit our online shop!

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