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Setting the bar HIGH!

Here at Guardian, #Safety and #Standards matter!

Since incorporation in July 2018, we have continously worked on raising our standards and setting our goals as high as possible!

What else would you expect from a Health & Safety Product Manufacturer? Nothing short of the highest standards in the industry to protect operators on site!

However.. following a little research it came to our surprise that none of our competitors have really put much time and effort into setting their standards high, and that does bring about a question of worry in the Health and Safety industry!

Whilst steadily growing as a reputable supplier, both throughout the UK and Internationally for GS6 Compliant Guardian Goalposts, we chose to shift our focus to achieving the accreditations that really set the bar high in our industry.

Starting with Quality Management Systems (QMS), we quickly implemented the ISO:9001 2015 standard into the way we do things here. Providing an additional level of security for our customers, displaying openly that at Guardian Goalposts has sucesfully integrated this Quality Management Standard into our day-to-day duties. This also gives our customers the reassurance that all of our product are properly manufactured and are up to the standard required in such a heavy-duty industry where products fail to stand the test of time so frequently.

Following the achievement of recieving our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we set our sights on #Constructionline. Reknowned throughout the construction industry, Constructionline is a PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) that allows large and small contractors to choose from list of reputable suppliers that have passed all the relevant checks and hold all relevant standards in place to be able to bid for large tenders and contracts. It was no easy feat to complete, however after a little due dilligence and hard work we managed to implement all neccesary systems and succesfully achieved our Gold Level Supplier Standard for Constructionline.

Now feeling even more confident with our high standards in place and delivering the highest level of customer service and support possible, we choose to pursue another accreditation, The Made In Britain program.

In the midst of Brexit, we wanted to recognised as an official manufacturer of Made In Britain products. The manufacturing industry output in the UK has decreased massively over the past few decades, but we are aiming to put Britain on the map with our safety products succesfully being deployed all over the globe and we aim to continue our trading both in the UK and Internationally long after the Brexit Chaos passes.

So if your in the market for Guardian Goalposts and want to work with a company that consistently sets their standards high in the aim of creating safer worksites worldwide, then Guardian is the choice for you!

Why not give us a call today for more information - 01942 914030

Or visit our website - https://www.guardiangoalposts.com

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A list of achieved accrediations for our company.
Accreditations List

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