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Eco GS6 Goalposts Kit 2

Eco GS6 Goalposts Kit 2 - Guardian Goalpost System.

A simple yet highly effective method of warning operators of overhead hazards and height restrictions.

It comprises of sand-fillable bases which both weigh in around 40KG when filled, offering stable ballast for the goalposts kit, two telescopic vertical poles and a 4 x 2m Crossbar System capable of spanning up to 8m that is used as a height restriction marker for vehicles using the gateway.

Each base supplied comes a screwfit stalk system that needs to be installed before filling the bases with media. 

GS6 Goalposts Systems

Our GS6 Compliant Guardian Goalposts systems are a cost-effective solution to increase site safety and ensure that your site is fully compliant with HSE GS6 regulations.

Over the years in the UK, it has become more prevalent that these systems are used on sites as it is now required by law on most construction and traffic management projects to have Guardian Goalposts set-up wherever there is an overhead hazard, structure, or live electrical cable.

The systems are designed to prevent collision with overhead hazards, structures, and live electrical cables by providing the operators on site with a highly visible warning that they are in the hazard zone.

Our GS6 Guardian Goalposts Kits are fully non-conductive and are hand-made at our Wigan HQ from GRP Fibreglass.

The system is fully collapsible for the ease of transport and can fit into the back of any small van sized vehicle.

The systems are also known as Telescopic Height Restriction Barriers, Construction Site Goalposts, Overhead Goalposts, GS6 Kits, and Overhead Warning Systems.

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