General Data Protection Regulation Policy

One of Guardian Goalposts Limited main goals is to maintain the highest level of security for its

customers and employees, especially when it comes to protection of personal data.

Guardian Goalposts wishes to inform existing and potential customers alike how we treat personal

data in a clear and understandable way.

Storage of Personal Data

Guardian Goalposts registers and stores personal data in the online shop in order to handle orders,

and requests from customers. The personal data is stored on secure servers located in the UK.

We save name, address, telephone number and e-mail address in our databases.

We save the customers’ invoices, credit notes and payment information in order to be able to offer

good customer service.

When paying by credit card, we co-operate with an authorized payment service company, who

controls the validity of the card directly with the bank. The payment service company treats the data

in compliance with international security standards issued by the card companies Visa and

MasterCard. The payment information is treated in a secure way and Guardian Goalposts has no

access to these.

Credit card information is only saved upon detailed authorization. The payment information is

securely stored with our payment service supplier, and not directly with Guardian Goalposts.


A cookie is information about a user, and is a .txt-file, exchanged between the browser and the

server. We use two sorts of cookies. In some of our web services we use “sessions-cookies”, so that

we can send the right web sites to the right person. The Session cookie is temporary, and it only

exists so long as the browser window is open. It will be deleted when the browser, e.g. Internet

Explorer is closed. For pop-ups and general web statistics we use permanent cookies, which are

saved on your computer. In order to be able to develop and improve our web sites, we use statistics

telling how the web site used. These statistics are only used as a summary, e.g. to see which pages

and browsers are frequently used.

Use of Personal Data

Guardian Goalposts uses customers data for the following:

• Delivery of orders.

• Communication in relation to orders, payment and offers.

• Individual marketing of our products.

• Investigations, statistics and analysis in order to improve our service.

• For legal purposes as and when required.

Guardian Goalposts does not share data when sending out marketing material. Information is only

shared if requested by law enforcement agencies in relation to public authorities. We only share the

data entered on our website.

When in contact with Guardian Goalposts, customers accept that we treat data according to this

General Data Protection Regulation Policy.

Guardian Goalposts procedure for correction and deleting personal data

It is always possible for to change personal data registered with us, and objections to any

registration in accordance with the rules concerning personal data can be made.

Guardian Goalposts save customers’ data for the duration of the period in which they trade with us.

According to accounting laws, we must save data for five years. We also save data in respect of

product guarantee rules.

If not a customer, we save the communication only if, and for as long as it is relevant to our business


We save e-mail addresses unless unsubscribe notification Is received.

In order to be protected against virus and other attacks, we use well-known antivirus software and


For removal from the Guardian Goalposts database is done via the contact section on the website., by e-mail or by telephone.

Guardian Goalposts Ltd Unit 23 Cinnamon Brow Business Park Makerfield Way Ince-in-Makerfield

Wigan WN2 2PR

Guardian Goalposts’ Employee’s Treatment of Personal Data

Employees dealing with orders and customer service, have access to the registered personal data. In

order to access this data, the users have to login with user ID and password. The password is

changed and updated regularly. Any employees leaving the company are deactivated on the system,

and prohibited access to the data.

Employees who are involved, have received detailed information about the rules for storage and

deleting of data. Our employees know the rules for treatment of personal data and are of course

bound by secrecy.

Further information

You are always welcome to contact us to discuss this further.

Neil C. Ormesher