The System

Q: How And Why Is This Overhead Warning System Used?

A: Site safety guidance is essential in the workplace.


Our kit conforms to HSE GS6 guidelines. This system addresses the issues of damage and harm caused to structures and overhead electrical cabling by large vehicles and plant as it enters and moves around a work site.

Overhead cable protection and low bridge passes are aided by using this portable gateway.


The operator can simply and quickly erect the overhead cable protection goal posts across any carriageway or entrance with very little training. This prevents a common accident or personal injury effectively and at low cost. The equipment is very durable.  Some basic maintenance is required, but with the comprehensive warranties you are well supported so you get years of service from the product.



The Stability of the vertical pole has always been unpredictable for the following reasons;


  • Wind Speeds Never Quantified

  • Base Weights

  • Lack Of Data


The Metroblock addresses these issues. We created a tested and proven ballast system that can be relied on and is unique to our range.

The Products Were Tested At A World Class Independent Testing Facility Called MIRA In The UK. This Is The First Time Anybody Has Taken Barrier Safety So Seriously.

In addition to this we are always looking to develop our products further and create the most-effective barrier available on the market.

See For Yourself!

Q:Why Choose Our Guardian Goalpost Kits?

A:Our Latest Goalpost Innovation Hugely Improves Safety

Latest Product Developments

Our latest developments in our product range are;

  1. A high-visibility "write-your-own" height restriction sign made from aluminium that can attached to our poles and re-used on sites with our kits that have varied height restriction limits. (Available Now)

  2. The Cantilever Arm Kit that provides a height warning system only using one pole for shorter gateway openings such as hard shoulders on motorways when performing construction works in restricted areas. (Coming December 2018)

  3. A Night Barrier Kit - This will provide users with lighting and signage that is attached to our kits that will allow works to be conducted at night when working in areas that have light restrictions. (Coming December 2018)