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Guardian Goalposts are used as a highly-visible telescopic warning system. The system has been designed to provide height access and overhead obstruction warnings to operators and machinery on site. All of our systems are designed in accordance with HSE GS6 regulations.
GS6 are the guidelines published by the UK Health & Safety Executive, detailing the safety precautions that must be taken when working under or around overhead obstructions and electrical cables.
Guardian Goalposts can be set up directly before the overhead hazard to give operators a clear and visible warning with ample time to correct their path. The goalposts can also be used as site entrance and exits. Dependant on the site traffic direction, the system can be set up one-way or a two- way system with barriers on each side of the hazard.
The max height of the kit when fully extended is 7.2m.
The max width capability of our gateways would be achieved using the 25m length of bunting/flagging. You must be wary that kit stability can be affected by adverse weather conditions, so it is advised that you leave a couple of meters spare on each side to tie down the bunting for additional stability. Please note that the width of the gateway is determined by the top section chosen.
Yes, the kits are fully telescopic, so you can regulate the height of your gateway as you see fit, by simply unclamping and extending each section, and closing off the clamps at the desired height. Please note – Do not extend barrier over “break” line. This will jeopardise system integrity.
The kit is easily installed by one operator. You can view our installation video here.
Ensure that each clamp is fully closed on the system. If you are still getting vertical movement from the poles and the clamps aren’t gripping tight enough, simply tighten the clamp by using a standard 10mm Alan Key, doing quarter turns each time to gradually fasten. Do not overtighten the clamp.
Ideally the kits need to be placed on a flat surface. However with the correct ballast, the systems can be used on uneven surfaces, ensuring adequate weight to hold them in place (i.e. sandbags).
If using the steel base, you have two options: 1) the steel base has 4,10mm drill holes, one in each corner. These can be used to bolt the bases into the ground where possible. 2) you can add additional ballast using sandbags on the steel base plates.

If using the plastic fillable bases, a variety of media can be used to add ballast: water, sand, pea gravel or even concrete. With just water the weight when full is approximately 120kg.
We offer a modular system, so our gateways can be built up to suit your particular site requirements. Please look through our system page, as it will give you a guide on selecting the kit that is right for you. Here you will also see the variety of options available to enhance your site safety.
Yes, the kits can be enhanced for usage at night. Signs and lighting systems available.
Yes, spare parts such as replacement pole sections, are available on request.

However, we do offer a 2-year guarantee on our products that are damaged due to quality issues covering replacements and repairs for any goods that fall under our quality standards.
The kits are designed to be fully collapsible for the ease of storage and transport. 1-4 kits will fit in the back of any small sized fleet vehicle, though a medium or larger vehicle would be required for larger quantities.
The poles are constructed from Non-Conductive GRP and can withstand up to 75kV of electrical discharge.
The kit weights vary determined by that chosen, but the range between 23 – 32kg.
The kits can easily set-up by one operator safely, but for bigger gateways two operators will make the set-up swifter and easier.
Each kit that we provide serves a unique purpose, determined by your Site-Specific Health & Safety Risk Assessments and Method Statements. The way to ensure that you are getting the kit that’s right for you is by reading through System Page for full kit information. If in doubt, call our Customer Service Team for support and advice.
All our kits are usually available from us on an ex-stock basis. We ship all orders on a next-day delivery service as standard, when ordered before our 12:30 cut-off. Our next-day service covers the whole of the UK Mainland. Orders for the Highlands, Islands, Northern Ireland, and Ireland take a little longer. We can even ship to both residential and business addresses. For large quantities, we may need 1-2 days to organise and arrange shipment: please call us to discuss this in more detail.
Yes. Collections can be made from our HQ based in Wigan during office hours: 09:00 – 17:00hrs daily. Simply call us and we will get your order packed and ready for when you arrive. If you’re struggling to get to us in time, please let us know and we will wait accordingly. Weekend collections are available, but we do need a little notice to arrange cover.
We do, regularly sending order to Ireland and beyond: even as far as New Zealand. If you are looking to adopt our systems on your sites internationally, get in touch today for a no obligation, hassle-free quotation from our International Team.

We are about to launch a partnership in Minnesota, to serve the US and Northern American markets.
All our Guardian Goalposts Kits carry our manufacturer’s warranty for up to 2 years from date of purchase. This covers all damaged in transit goods during shipping from us, and manufacturing defects. Damage due to incorrect use, over-extension, and collisions is not covered by our warranty. Any damage must be notified within 7 days or receipt of goods, and returns can be processed within 28 days of receipt of item. Please contact customer service for more information.
We have a strong distribution network throughout the UK & Ireland, with companies listing our products on their websites. Others simply want to have direct access to systems because of enquiries from their customer base.

We can offer unmatched customer service throughout the whole process, along with the most advanced systems on the market, at the most cost- effective prices. We also offer branding all your kits up accordingly if you would choose to associate your brand with our systems to resell them. Full support documents, design services and system integration available on request. Contact us today for more information
Basic PPE is advised to be worn when setting up the Guardian Goalposts System. High Visibility Clothing, Gloves Safety Shoes and a Hard Hat would be minimum requirements as per GS6 advice. However, other PPE may be required again dictated by Site Specific Health & Safety Risk Assessments and Method Statements.
The systems are designed to be collided with as a worst-case scenario. The idea is that the gateway acts as a visible warning to operators. It should be set, dictated by Site Specific Health & Safety Risk Assessments and Method Statements, so as not to allow the machinery to pass through it, if over the specified height restriction. Such vehicles cannot therefore physically fit through. The system should be set back from the actual hazard, so that in the event of a collision, the barrier will have adequate space to “topple-over safely,” allowing it to be easily re-set to enforce the restriction once again.
We have a range of payment and credit options available to suit your requirement. We can take card payments by phone, or through our online shop. We also accept bank transfers if this is easier, and more convenient for you. If you would like to set up a credit account, please enquire with our team for more information, or download the form from our website.

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We also have our Video Vault with a range of informational short-videos relating to the Kits and their Installation.

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We also have our Video Vault with a range of informational short-videos relating to the Kits and their Installation.

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