What's Included In The Kit?

When you purchase a kit of either kind, it will always be sent to you complete and ready to use. You just unpack, read the instructions and assemble. A kit with Bunting contains;
2 x steel (or metroblock) post bases
2 x telescopic posts
1 x 25m length of bunting strip. A kit with solid crossbar contains;
2 x steel (or metroblock) post bases
2 x telescopic posts
1 x 6.4m telescopic crossbar

Are The Poles Electrically Insulated?

The vertical posts are telescopic and made from fibreglass completly. They are electrically insulated to withstand 17Kv and are suitable for all practical situations. The bunting and crossbars are similarly insulated.

How High Do They Stand And How Far Do They Cover?

The posts are telescopic so they can be raised to various heights anywhere between 2m - 7,2m. Be aware that, unless you are using a Metroblock base, that at the higher levels the metal bases will need sand bags or similar additional anchoring to cope with the increased winds.

What Wind Velocities Are They Able To Withstand?

The metal bases unaided (no additional weighting) have not been officially tested to any wind speed. it is down to the descretion of the operator. The Metroblock however, remained standing, when filled with water, to speeds upto 50mph. See videos evidence on our system page. The solid crossbars do create more drag than the bunting but still withstood the 50mph speeds.

How Do I Decide Wether To Choose Solid Crossbar Or Bunting Top-Sections?

Since the height restriction barriers were first in use the bunting has been the most common choice. But this is only because of cost and simplicity. Bunting is low cost , the crossbars cost more. The crossbars give greater stability and the gateway holds its shape for longer. Its also more definitive when a vehicle is blocked from passing. The rigidity gives a more accurate measured length from the ground than a hanging bunting. You need to decide what is adequate, but it is becoming more common that the solid crossbars are the prefered chioce. Both work but in slightly different ways. Refer to your customer specifications.