In the #Winter months, #construction in the #UK is hindered by low-visibility, poor weather conditions and short daytimes. These kind of factors can increase the risk on site significantly, especially to operators working in or around overhead obstructions. We are constantly #researching and #developing our product range to offer the most effective kit selections on the market and to reduce the risks on site even further.

To this end, we have made the addition of the #British manufactured, #JSP #Dominator Cone for Electrical Safety Hazards to our kit range.

The #JSP Dominator cone is one of the most durable and cost effective cones to hit the market, easily stackable for transportation and combined with the high visibility warning sleeve the cone becomes the perfection addition to the Guardian Goalposts Kits in the winter time (as well as all year round!)

Using warning cones like this not only alert the operators and plant on the site that the hazard is present, but they work as a guideline on the approach increasing the visibility of the hazard gateway even further.

Used alongside our High visibility warning signs and Night Lighting System, the #JSP Dominator Cone creates a more effective risk prevention barrier and safer traffic management system when working with limited access on site but creating a run up to the barrier using the bright blue and highly visible Dominator Cones.

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Guardian Goalposts - Because #SafetyMatters

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