Here at Guardian Goalposts always aim to service our customers’ requirements

to the best of our ability, going above and beyond at every opportunity. To this

end, we are pleased and excited to announce that Guardian now stock Blue

and White goalposts systems, that have been designed focussing on usage in

the Rail industry, and sites where traditional Red and White poles are not

suitable due to site rules and regulations.

As with our traditional Red & White kits, the Blue & White systems are manufactured to the same high standards.

Unlike our competitors Blue & White systems, Guardian’s are extruded in blue fibreglass: not painted blue over the red base colour.

Being manufactured in blue, removes the problems of wear and fade associated with painted poles.

This ensures a permanent colour, that is also UV resistant, keeping them highly visible for the duration of your projects. Gone are the days when after some use the paint erodes, leaving the base red colour

showing through, decreasing safety levels on site with misleading colour co-ordination.

Accompanying these new systems is a Blue and White crossbar that works

exactly as our tried and tested Red and White ones. This allows operators to

have a full, highly visible gateway in white and blue over, or near railway lines,

providing a safer and more organised work environment.

For increased operator safety, we have introduced matching traffic hazard warning cones, to our range. These are used to further highlight electrical hazards near the gateway. Using cones and barrier system together, hazards can be identified at the earliest stage, giving plenty notice for operators to pass

through safely, or find an alternative route to safely avoid the hazard.

The new Rail Kits are compatible for use with other products in our range, such

as warning signs, telescopic demarcation poles and LED lights: all designed to

increase awareness and make for a safer workplace.

And the best news for you the customer?

Having the new poles manufactured in blue: there is no increase in cost, for
what many may regard as a premier product.

For more information on our Rail Kits - Please visit our website -, or contact us today to hear more - 01942 914030.

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