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Guardian Goalposts GS6 System

Build the right system for you!

Choose your system colour

We offer poles manufactured as a Red & White System or a Blue & White System. Each offer highly visible warnings, and usually would be specified in site requirements. 

Choose your base units

We offer two different types of base units for the systems. The Steel Base and the Plastic Fillable Base unit. 

The steel base unit weighs in at around 13.5kg per base unit and with the steel base plate sandbags can be used to add more ballast.

The Plastic Fillable Base unit offers a far lighter to transport but heavier weighing solution when fully installed. The plastic fillable base stands a, lone at 5kg but when filled with media such as water, gravel or sand it can achieve up to 125kg ballast per unit,.

Choose Your Top Sections

There are 4 different top section choices determined by the type of kit you are using and your minimum required gateway width.

Bunting—we offer a 25M length of hazard warning bunting which will allow a much wider gateway to be created however these will not be as rigid as the solid bar fixing.

Telescopic Crossbar—This is a telescopic crossbar unit, used when the required gateway width maybe interchanged or variable as the site is being used. This crossbar allows for up to a 7M gateway that is customisable in size.

Fixed Crossbar—If you want a fixed rigid solution, which can be broken down into 2M sections (2m, 4m,, 6m, 8m ) then the Fixed Crossbar may be what you require.

Cantilever Arm Kits— Our cantilever arm kits are designed to offer an overhead height restriction where access and space is very limited, with the ability to use one pole and base connected to a 2m warning bar even when working in tight spaces you can still install clearly visible warnings for your operators.

Additional Safety Enhancements


A Fully solar powered lighting system used to provide additional warning through the use of flashing lights. Each light unit has a versatile 52mm clamp mount fitting that will allow you to freely attach the lighting unit to any part of the system that you would like to further illuminate.


Lighting System designed to be used on our telescopic poles. Attachment is easily adjustable to fit to the barrier system. Requires 2 x AA batteries (Not Included) This light has been designed for usage all year round and continues to work throughout poor weather conditions


Write- Your - Own Height Restriction Sign - Our High-visibility, reflective aluminium signs are used with our GS6 Guardian Goalposts Kits in order to provide a clear warning height to drivers and plant operators.


Telescopic Demarcation Poles - Guardians Telescopic Demarcation Poles for traffic cones provide a quick and efficient way to restrict access to an area. They offer an effective solution to protect pedestrians as well as road users from any off road situation that signifies a hazardous area, from loading bays to mounds of soil.


Blue and White Electrical Safety Cone - Our Blue and White electrical safety cones are a version of the JSP Dominator cones with additional warning signage attached to the reflective sleeves. This will further highlight your warning system.


Red Traffic Cone - The JSP Dominator Cones are some of the highest quality cones available on the market. Our JSP Dominator cones are a great enhancement tool for the GS6 Guardian Goalposts System.

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